Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How heavy are these campers?
    • Depends on which model car you have. In total, they range from about 65-100lbs.
    • How strong are the drawers?
      • The drawer slides range from a load rating of 250-300lbs when fully extended, although the plywood drawers can roughly handle about 50 lbs on each drawer comfortably. Make sure the trunk frame is secured tightly to your car so the extended drawers do not tilt when loaded.
    • How does shipping work?
      • I can ship anywhere in the lower 48 states. It costs a flat rate of $500.  I load the camper in a padded custom box, then strap it to a pallet.  It is shipped via freight shipping service.  They use forklifts and semi-trucks to transport the unit.  This is the safest way to ship large items by far.
    • My back seats do not fold flat. Does the bed platform lay flat?
      • Yes, the camper's dimensions account for the slight incline of the folded down back seats to create a flat bed platform.  
    • How much weight can be placed on top of the camper?
      • About 450lbs is the maximum weight on top of the entire bed platform, enough for two people to sleep comfortably.  If you have an item heavier than that, the trunk frame itself can handle heavier loads.  The 3/4" plywood and aluminum frame has an extreme structural integrity.
    • Can I access my spare tire easily?
      • Yes! You do not need to take the camper out of your vehicle to access your spare tire. Simply unhook all four turnbuckles from your anchor points, then slide the trunk frame over your folded down back seats to expose the spare tire area under the trunk.
    • Can I pick it up locally to save on shipping costs?
      • Absolutely. We are located in Chico, California (Northern California). Select 'Pick Up' at checkout.  We will then coordinate a time and date.