Custom Build Inquiries

Custom camper builds are available to most SUV and hatchback models.  If you have a vehicle not listed under the 'Camper Kits' page, all that is needed is a few simple measurements from your vehicle's cargo space, some pictures, and any special requests.   Once submitted, a design will be created then sent to you for fitment confirmation. 

Step 1: Measurements

Follow this guide to get the 6 different measurements: 

Step 2: Pictures of your Cargo Space

Take general pictures of your cargo area from many different angles. Be sure to include pictures of your trunk's cargo attachment points.

Step 3: Submission

 Email measurements, pictures, and general information about your vehicle year/make/model/etc. to

Step 4: Fitment Confirmation

 A design document will be created with dimensions and details noted.  Take this design and double check it will fit in your vehicle with a tape measure. There should be about an inch of breathing room around the trunk frame.  Making sure the camper will not interfere with any accessories or the functionality of your vehicle.

Step 5: Submit Order

Payments can be taken via Venmo @compasscamperconcepts, or with an emailed invoice.

Prices vary based on size of build and any add-ons you'd like.

Lead times vary, ask for current turnaround times.


If you have any quick questions, feel free to ask in the contact form below

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Starting with a passion for experiencing North America through a Subaru, the perfect car camper was born. My name is Anthony, and I have an obsession with creating tools to make the traveling lifestyle more convenient, organized, reliable, and stylish. Incorporating all of these ideas is what birthed the Compass Camper. I now work full time, building customer's dream campers, and my passion for carpentry fuels the process. When I am not in my shop building, you can catch me at California's climbing areas, ski hills, and camping along the way. My lifestyle is the perfect testiment to prove how useful and practical these campers can be!