Recommended Accessories to Complement your Car Camper
Each product has been researched to make your Car Camping experience that much better!
  • Bug nets for windows. Allows air to enter car but keeps out the bugs. great for warm summer nights
  • Window Visors. Allows windows to be cracked without letting rain inside, and also ventilates in hot temperatures while not noticing cracked windows by the public
  • Windshield Shade. For privacy and keeping the temperature down inside the vehicle.
  • Window Exhaust Fan.  For those super hot days, this exhaust fan ventilates your car through the cracked window via a solar powered fan, keeping your belongings much cooler. 
  • Rechargeable Lights.  Stick these to the underside of your trunk door to illuminate your kitchen set up and your trunk area. Very efficient and battery powered. 
  • String Lights. These rechargeable lights can be strung anywhere, inside the car, or outside.  They are a warmer/more amber color, which attracts less bugs
  • Headlamp.  This Petzl headlamp is the best, brightest, and most durable headlamp I have ever used. Plus, it has a rechargeable core.  An absolute must have for any camping situation. 
  • 4 inch Tri-Fold Mattress.  This is the exact one I personally use, and I love it. it folds almost perfectly relative to the bed/headrest lengths.  Compatible with all Outback, and Forester Camper Conversion Kits. Can also fit RAV4 Camper models.
  • Rav4 Tri-Fold Mattress.  This one is 38" wide, fitting the Rav4 Camper Conversion Kit models nicely. RAV4 Camper platform width is 39" wide for all year/models.
  • Roof Rack Awning. This one is 4' long, a reasonable size for most hatchbacks. ARB is a reliable and durable brand, I used one of these for two years with no issues.
  • Tailgate Tent Shelter.  This goes over your open tailgate, give your kitchen area shelter if the weather turns sour, or if the sun is merciless. 
  • Jackery Power Bank 500. Portable Electrical Power Station makes charging and powering devices easy with many different outlets including an inverter to power 120 volt appliances. You can charge it while you drive via a 12 volt outlet, or a portable solar panel
  • Goal Zero Nomad 20 Watt portable Solar Panel. Charge your battery with this slim and reliable fold-up solar panel.
  • Rechargeable Portable Fan. Clip this anywhere and cool down while you sleep. 
  • Cup Holder Expander. Keep your large water bottles close and secure for long road trips, even if they don't fit in your small cup holder.
  • 750 Watt Power Inverter. An easy way to power devices that need a normal wall-style outlet plug using your car's 12v outlets.
Food/Water Storage:
  • 5 Gallon Water Jug. Rigid and long lasting. BPA Free. Comes with dispenser attachment.
  • 30 Liter Yeti Soft Cooler. This will fit behind your front seats for easy out-of -he-way storage. Soft material with a shoulder strap for transportation. 
  • Canyon 35 Quart Hard Cooler. Nice size for longer trips. Great quality and long lasting coolness for the price. This one is best stored in the trunk because of it's size.
  • Dometic 12 Volt Cooler. This specific model can also be stored behind the front seats on the floor. Offering very cold temperature settings, this electric cooler is extremely energy efficient and can be powered using your car when driving, and/or a portable power station. Definitely the best if you go on frequent longer trips in the summer months.
  • GSI Two Burner Stove. The most reliable and durable propane stove I have found. Plus, it fits nicely in just about every Camper Conversion Kit's drawers that we offer.
  • MSR Pocket Rocket. The best, most reliable, ultralight single burner stove.  Very small and uses Butane gas.


    *All of these products are simply personal recommendations.  These are affiliate links that help support my website. No specific sponsorships exist with any of these brands/products.